Our global trend spotting network

Our extended content team – TrendWatching Global Insight Network (tw:in) - is a community of 300+ trend-driven professionals and enthusiasts across 80+ countries who aim to build a better world through meaningful, purpose-driven trends and innovations.

The power of joining TW:in

As a member, you’ll contribute to our latest thinking, join trend methodology training and engage with other like-minded peers through meet-ups and other initiatives. All of this taking place in Slack, ensuring real-time, on-the-go interactions.

  • Access a global brain: Contribute, share & discuss game-changing innovations with a like-minded community of trend spotters - both virtual and in real life.
  • Interact with our analysts: Work alongside leading trend analysts in collaborative projects and help shape our content.
  • Exclusive benefits: Get early access to methodology training, get featured for your insights, and more.

Interested in joining?


Any questions? Just email Livia Fioretti, Head of tw:in, and she’ll get right back to you.