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tw:in, TrendWatching's insight network, is a glocal community of on-the-ground spotters, passionate about uncovering the new, the next and the novel innovations from around the world.

Our Spotters are deeply connected to the local currents in their own backyard and to those in our larger world, and as a trend-savvy community, know crowdsourced collective intelligence is the most powerful way to understand global consumers and ultimately drive enriching innovation in our world.

If you are always alert to new ideas, discoveries and opportunities, and are driven by a thirst to uncover the innovations that move our communities and the world forward, then tw:in is the platform for you.

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  • And there we have it -- 2016 has almost drawn to a close.
    Like it or not, the focus is now unavoidably on the next 12 months. The trends that are set to reshape and redefine the expectations of consumers the world over have never been in sharper focus.
    Fortunately for you, the content elves here at TrendWatching Towers have been working round the clock to put together the most comprehensive consumer round-up out there: the 5 Trends for 2017 briefing.

  • Take a tw:in Trend Safari

    To mark Trendwatching's global tour of trend events, traveling to Singapore, Sydney, Chicago, London and Amsterdam throughout October and November, tw:in turned to local Spotters to share the must-see spots in their cities.

  • After #freethenipple movement took over social media last year, and Instagram accounts were filled with strategically placed photographs, something changed. It was the people's perception of nudity - in public. Handling nudity in the open and seeing semi-nude bodies which leave little to imagination triggered a chain of events, where something very private into a more public and general concept for people. The acceptance of this idea however, that's most intriguing. People strive to become artists and come forward to embrace the natural form of human body.